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Green Day - J.A.R.
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Letra de J.A.R. de Green Day
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    My friend drove off the other day
Now he's gone and all they say
You gotta live cause life goes onNow I see I'm mortal too
I can't live my life like you
Got to live it up while life goes on(Chorus)
And I think it's alright
But I do what I like
Cause that's I want to live
It's how I give
I'm still givingNow I wonder about my friend
If he gave all he could give
If he lived his life like I live mineIf you could see inside my head
Would you stop to understand
The things I value in my heart(Chorus)You know that
I know that
You're watching me(Chorus)Gotta make a plan
Gotta do what's right
Can't run around in circles
If you wanna build a life
But I don't wanna make a plan
For a day far away
While I'm young and while I'm able
All I wanna do is...
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