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Green Day - Maria
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Letra de Maria de Green Day
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    Womans Voice Billy Joel it's certainly is exciting to meet you here
at the recording studio just after you made your very first record,
how does it feel?Little Boys Voice umm....wonderful!
She smashed the radio with the board of education
Turn up the static left of the state of the nationTurn up the flame, step on the gass
Burning the flag at half mast
She's a rebel's forgotten son
An expert of the revolutionShe is the first voice of the last ones in the line
She'll drag the lake to keep the vendetta aliveBring in the head of the government
The dog ate the document
Somebody shot the president
And no one knows where Maria went?Maria, Maria, Maria,
where did you go?Be careful what you're offering
Your breath lacks the conviction
Drawing the line in the dirt
Because the last decision
... is no.(repeat 1st 2 verses)
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